January in Cake Land

This is the month where people go on diets. They have had their fill of rich, sugary, buttery, creamy delights and eat dark green leafy vegetables with a small helping of tofu to liven things up a bit.

Well that’s the idea, anyway. In practice, the weather is rubbish, everyone is a bit gloomy and very, very few people turn down the offer of a bit of cake.

This month has been filled with warm, buttermilk scones with crunchy sugar toppings
Coffee and walnut cupcakes
and for a glimpse of the summer – cupcakes scented with rose

January is also the month when the summer’s brides start seriously thinking about their cake. I am really excited about this year’s weddings. They are all going to be amazing.

So what’s up for next month? Well, Valentine’s Day for a start, always a busy time for me.
I am also working with the amazing and inspirational Miss Cakehead on a project called “The Depressed Cake Shop” which will highlight mental health issues with a pop up cake shop and hopefully raise lots of money for mental health charities.

The other biggie is that I am trying to open my first shop. I spend hours searching for coffee machines, cups and saucers and furniture or pouring over spread sheets with a calculator in hand. It is exciting and terrifying in equal measures and if the town planners are having an off day when they look at my proposal, it could all still go horribly wrong…Hey ho.

Onwards and upwards. Bring on the cake.IMG_2129

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