The Golden Syrup Sugar Naked fruit cake (one of many) A Lion requires a lot of cake

The Tate and Lyle Tasting House

And so it came to pass that one day the telephone rang at Cakeadoodledo Towers: “Miss Cakehead here. I’m up to more mischief and need you to join in.” Quite frankly I jump at any chance to work with the wonderful creative lunatic that is Miss Cakehead so immediately starting crossing out days in my … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Shenanigans

It seems an appropriate time to write a quick post about Valentine’s day in Cakeadoodledo world. I love the stories that come in with the orders: lots of girls order them for their chaps, and although they are sometimes pink and red, we do a lovely line in boy colours. I really enjoy customers explaining … Continue reading

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January in Cake Land

This is the month where people go on diets. They have had their fill of rich, sugary, buttery, creamy delights and eat dark green leafy vegetables with a small helping of tofu to liven things up a bit. Well that’s the idea, anyway. In practice, the weather is rubbish, everyone is a bit gloomy and … Continue reading

A Caketastic Time

A Caketastic Time

  So. I had a van. A blooming big one. I had filled it to the brim with linen, books, shelving, mannequins, mixers and just, stuff. I had driven from Devon with an arm hanging out of the window, throwing Red Bull cans onto the dashboard, consuming Yorkies at speed and shouting at other drivers … Continue reading

Not particularly Lost in France

Not particularly Lost in France

  And so it came to pass that Cakeadoodledo turned off its ovens, cleaned up the trail of flour and icing sugar and headed off for its annual holiday to France. This year it’s Provence – a change from the usual footling around the South West. We’ve headed East. Yeeee harrrr. Except there are no … Continue reading



Rain drops on roses, whiskers on kittens etc etc. Anyway, here are a few of my favourite things in cake world. The are the items I would grab if I knew I had to go and bake somewhere else and had no equipment. The paddle attachment itself is not my favourite. It is short hand … Continue reading

It takes a child…

Latest great invention in cupcake land was actually due to a bored son wanting to experiment. Snickers cupcakes. All the elements of a Snickers bar in a cupcake. Will make them again today and actually write the recipe down and show photographic evidence. All I can say is: chocolate cake, caramel, peanut butter, caramel, chocolate, … Continue reading


Greetings fellow cakers. This blog will contain ramblings, recipes, ideas (good and bad) and snippets of information. I will be posting all sorts of random pictures and witterings: things that inspire me; things I have eaten; things I want to eat; my baking failures as wells more successful attempts at new stuff. It could, quite … Continue reading